Who are we?

About Associazione Hendel

The Associazione Hendel* is a non-profit organization that seeks to combine musicological thinking with practical performance projects of Handel’s music. We have supported the ambitious recording and performance project by the Italian orchestra La Risonanza (www.larisonanza.it) to perform and record all of Handel’s cantate con strumenti (i.e. the cantatas accompanied by continuo and additional instruments) dating from the composer’s time working across Italy. This project, in co-operation with the Spanish early music label Glossa (www.glossamusic.com), has never been envisaged before, and has been met with enormous critical success.

The complete recordings of these cantatas consists of 7 volumes:

- Le Cantate per il Cardinal Pamphili (winner of the Stanley Sadie Handel Recording Prize 2007; see www.gfhandel.org)

- Le Cantate per il Marchese Ruspoli I (awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ in Gramophone)

- Le Cantate per il Cardinal Ottoboni

- Aminta e Fillide (awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ in Gramophone)

- Clori Tirsi e Fileno (awarded Editor’s Choice’ in Gramophone anda winner of the Stanley Sadie Handel Recording Prize 2010)

- Olinto Pastore (awarded ‘Editor’s Choice in Gramophone)

- Apollo e Dafne (winner of the ‘Gramophone Award 2011 for Baroque Vocal Music’ and Stanley Sadie Handel Recording Prize 2011)


After having accomplished this project, La Risonanza and the Associazione Hendel are now undertaking another long term exploration on the genre of serenata.

A volume dedicated to Alessandro Scarlatti’s serenatas (‘Serenate a Filli‘) has been released in 2011, La Senna festeggiante by Antonio Vivaldi has been recorded and will be released in the next autumn. The project will continue with the recording and performance of Aci, Galatea e Polifemo by Handel, on which we are focusing our researches and studies nowadays.

Alongside the performances and recording sessions, the scientific committee of the Associazione is researching several aspects of performance practice, and results of this work are being brought to the public in conferences and symposiums held in universities such as Facoltà di Musicologia di Cremona and Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome.
For full details of coming up concerts related to this project you can visit La Risonanza website. You can as well ask for La Risonanza quarterly newsletter at info@larisonanza.it or contact the Associazione at info@associazionehendel.it


*“Hendel” was one of the most common spelling used in Italy for Handel